SUMMARY: Adding Archive DAT to Sol 2.3

From: Mike Youngberg (
Date: Fri Aug 25 1995 - 11:59:44 CDT

Solution set:

A) Cable up, assign a non-conflicting SCSI address to DAT (Tape is usually 4).
   Type command "tapes"
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B) Put on chain; verify existence with "probe-scsi" at eeprom level.
   After you can see all your scsi devices then type "boot -rv". This
   reconfigures kernel and adds the needed /dev device files.
   [Archive SCSI DAT drives are NOT supported under Solaris X86.]
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C) Like above, but use "boot -r". Device will be /dev/rmt/0
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Thanks to:
 Thomas Chai <>
 "Brian Schott" <Brian.Schott@Bentley.COM>
 Sue Ghaemi <> (Anatoly M. Lisovsky) (Larry Ridenour)


I haven't tried any of these yet; the problem was temporarily worked around.
I'll keep y'all posted.


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