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From: John Borders (
Date: Wed Aug 23 1995 - 23:07:52 CDT

sun managers,
problem solved! i needed to change a jumper on the drive to
disable SDTR. i got the info i needed from Fujitsu's fax-back
system. if anyone else needs info on Fujitsu drives, the fax
back system is at (408) 428-0456. they have an installation
instruction sheet, just for Sun equipment, that identified the
jumper to change. i also got a 12 page fax that describes each
of the jumpers so i was also able to configure it to start the
motor after power on based on the drive id (this helps minimize
the surge after a long power outage when the UPS's are all drained).

i want to thank everyone for they're suggestions. a summary of
the responses follows:

Gerhard den Hollander and Louis Brune both suggested
>>From: Gerhard den Hollander <>
>>From: <Louis M. Brune>
>>check to make sure the disk has a scsi id that is NOT in use by any
>>other piece of equipment on the SCSI chain (can use probe-scsi on SS2).
>>double check the cables and connections
>>try switching to a different terminator (an active versus passive)

Gerhard den Hollander also said:
>>this is the checklist we use when we have scsi connection problems,
>>and many a times we indeed forgot the bleeding obvious.

how true - always double (and triple) check the obvious first.

Alan Chan, Ray Smith, and Curt Freelall suggested similar ideas
>>From: Alan Chan <A.Chan@CdnAir.CA>
>>From: Ray Smith <>
>>From: Curt Freeland <>
>>Set the drive jumpers for SCSI-1 and not SCSI-2
>>Set the drive for host initiated transfers.
>>Make sure terminator power is set properly

more good ideas. i really didn't want to change to SCSI-1 and
i didn't have to do this (fortunately since the performance impact
is so great). i suspected this might be related also, but since all
the other drives on this beast are SCSI-2 i was pretty sure it
was not that.

Curt Freeland also pointed out what some of you may not know:
>>the 4/110 uses the sw (SCSI-Weird) controller, so all bets are off!

Original message:
> Date: Wed, 23 Aug 95 01:30:24 EDT
> From: John Borders <>
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> Subject: drive problems
> hi all,
> i ran out of disk space over the weekend and tried to add
> a new disk to one of our systems and was not successful.
> i am hoping someone here may be able to help me. the
> disk in question is a 1.7GB Fujitsu M2652SA. i am trying
> to connect it to a sun 4/110 running SunOS 4.1.x.
> when i connect the drive and reboot, it hangs at the
> point where it is trying to read the disk label for about
> 30 seconds or so and then resets the scsi bus and prints
> out a couple of messages like this:
> sd6 at sw0 slave 24
> sw0: sw_getstatus: no STATUS phase
> last phase= 0x87 (Cmd complete MSG)
> csr= 0x1405 bcr= 0 tcr= 0x4
> cbsr= 0x7c (MSG IN) cdr= 0x1 mr= 0x0 bsr= 0x0
> target= 3, lun= 0 DMA addr= 0x0 count= 0 (0)
> cdb= 0 0 0 0 0 0
> and then of course, everything is hosed.
> i know the drive, cable, and all else are fine. i took
> the drive off of a pc where it had been running happily
> for some months now. i also hooked it up to a sparc2
> (using the same cable, terminator, etc) and everything
> worked great. i was able to format, partion, newfs, mount
> and use it with absolutely no problems.
> just for kicks, i also hooked it up to a sun3 system we have
> lying around. i got the exact same type of problem. i suspect
> the drive is too fast or something for the old VME style SCSI
> bus. i am hoping someone has run into a similar problem and
> can shed some light on a solution. i REALLY need to get this
> drive on-line immediately.
> thanks for any help or suggestions you may provide and of course
> i will post a summary if i get any responses.
> jb
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