From: Jaeho Yang (
Date: Tue Aug 22 1995 - 21:30:43 CDT

Sorry for late summary.

original request:
        Public Domain fax server software on unix system (especially Sun).

many response:
        - Most people recommends "hylafax" from "".
        - a few people recommends gnu "mgetty"
        - Some recommends non-freeware - Andataco's "XpressFax" product.
          (If someone want to get information, mail to

        I try to "hylafax" from "".
        There is precompiled binary version of SUNOS 4.x.
        (but, there isn't sunos 5.x version).
        precompiled version of sunos 4.x maybe fully static linked, so maybe
        run on sunos 5.3 or later. (it is your own risk...)

        In compiling hylafax, there are some problems...
                - needs (nearly) latest gcc compiler. (2.6.1)
                - configuration script error.

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