SUMMARY: Solaris 2.4 modem access problems

From: Steven Ho (
Date: Tue Aug 22 1995 - 18:07:29 CDT

Fellow managers,

Two days ago, I asked:

>I have two problems related to modem access on Solaris 2.4 systems.
>1. According to man pages, "-t" option of ttymon specifies that it should exit
>if no one types anything within the set limit. I modified /etc/saf/_sactab
>so it looks like the following (the concept is from inittab console entry),
>ttymon0:ttymon::2:/usr/lib/saf/ttymon -t 600
>But that doesn't work. Actually, ttymon won't start up after that. The
>purpose of it is when a dialin access is idle for 10 minutes it should
>be disconnected. Is this the right approach?
>2. When people connect to the same systems through PPP, then use telnet to
>login, if the modem gets disconnected due to phone problem (for example,
>someone picks up the phone) the utmp entry won't get cleaned up. Therefore,
>both w and last commands would show that the person still has a shell open.
>I found a patch 102286-01 which uses utmpd to fix inconsistencies between
>utmp and wtmp, but, that doesn't help. Any ideas?
>I'll summarize and thanks in advance for your help,

Since I have not received any reply for the questions I guess I'll write
scripts/programs to resolve the problem myself.

Thanks anyways,

Steven Ho

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