SUMMARY:Sunlink DNI 8.0

From: Wes Butler (
Date: Tue Aug 22 1995 - 01:42:01 CDT

Hello everyone,

This summary is not a reply to questions asked, it is a warning to anyone
who will be installing Sunlink DNI in the future. If at all possible install
Sunlink DNI 8.0.1 instead of Sunlink DNI 8.0 . If you must use 8.0 then you
will need the following patches BEFORE you perform the installation:


I found this out the hard way and am now spending the day rebuilding my system.
It seems that one of the packages gets a little upset and panics the system,
wiping out such files as passwd, shadow, netconfig, etc... . I guess I should
mention that this is on a Solaris 2.4 system. Anyway, I hope this helps anyone
in the future. Thanks for a great forum.

Wes Butler
Copley Systems

--The more you know... well, the more you know!--

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