SUMMARY: sparc 5 audio problems in 2.4

From: Rob Allan (
Date: Sat Aug 19 1995 - 00:38:06 CDT

My original post:

I have recently upgraded my sparc 5 85MHz workstation from sunos 4.1.3B to
solaris 2.4. Ever since, my audio doesn't work. When I try to load a file
in the audiotool, it hangs up when I press the play button.

When I try to play an au file using audioplay, it just hangs for about a
minute, and then dies.

I tired sundiag as well and it also hangs.

I have installed patch 102125 on the OS server and all of the recommended
OS patches from the 3/95 OS cd.

I don't believe this is a hardware problem because it worked fine under 4.1.3B.
I've searched my sunsolve cd and could only find mention of sound problems in
patch 102125. Does anyone know of another fix I could try?


I've had some responses that were unable to solve the problem, but I now
understand the solaris kernel build process better now :)

It seems that my problem is pretty unique, other people have installed the
102125 patch on their sparc 5's and the audio is working fine.

One thing is unique about my setup though. The sparc 5 is mounting the
/usr partition from a sparc 4 85MHz machine. This machine has no audio device.
This means it has no /dev/audio and no /dev/audioctl.

Is anyone else mounting /usr on a sparc 5 from a sound-deprived sparc 4?
If so, is your sparc 5 audio working ok?

Thanks for any help, I'm ready to do a re-install to see if it fixes this.



I've had many people verify that the sound works fine on a standalone sparc 5
with solaris 2.4, the recommended OS patch cluster and patch 102125.

I've had one confirmation that it works fine when the sparc 5 is serving the OS
from another sparc 5.

I've had one person tell me that he thinks there would be a problem mounting
/usr off of a 4 because the 4 doesn't have built-in audio.

My audio still doesn't work. I'm tempted to think it may be a hardware problem,
but the fact is that the audio worked fine for a year under 4.1.3B and then
instantly stopped working when I upgraded.

I'm thinking of swapping in a new mother board and see what happens.
The problem is getting a hold of a mother board. I'm also tempted to
get a sparc 4 audio card, boot -r, and see what happens.

Anyways, we are upgrading another 5 in a month or so, I'll see if the
same thing happens.v

Thanks for all the help,

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