SUMMARY: Error Message from showrev -p

From: Bob Reardon (bobr@cassie.Sugar-land.Wireline.SLB.COM)
Date: Sat Aug 19 1995 - 00:14:14 CDT

The problem we reported was this:
        Has anybody seen this problem when trying to
          list information about patches via showrev
        under Solariss 2.4?
        Can it be fixed, short of reinstalling Solaris?
# showrev -p
showrev: Method program unexpectedly terminated with signal 11
There have been several responses in just one day's time.
Most suggested looking closely at the /var/sadm/pkg
directory to make sure that -
 1) It contained only directories
 2) The permissions were correct on the directories.

        There was a 'plain file' in /var/sadm/pkg that did
        not belong there. It was deleted and the
        showrev -p command now works correctly.
Thanks to all who responded. Here's a list of all such
folks up to now: (Kevin Sheehan (Mumford)
casper@Holland.Sun.COM (Rune Aarstad)
Roland Kaltefleiter <> (Craig Gruneberg) (Mel)

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