SUMMARY: How to add man pages

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Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 22:45:56 CDT

        First of all, thanks a lot for your help!!! I received a lot of mail of very nice people trying to help me!

        Original question:
> I've recently downloaded and compiled some software, but I'm
> having problems installing the man pages. I've copied the
> files, let's say, foo.8, to /usr/share/man/man8, typed catman
> -w but I still can't see the man pages, i.e. when I type man
> foo, I get No man page for foo.

        There was a mixture of problems in fact:

        First problem: the man pages file modes. Some of the pages were -r-----r--, so it seems that the catman command didn't care about that. As always, no error report or something helpful from the commands.
        Solution: change the files mode to:
        -r---r--r-- bin bin foo.8
        catman -w
        Now the pages appear.

        Second problem: weird man pages. I have one page for etherscan. The name of the file was netwatch.8, not etherscan.8.
                Changed the name to etherscan.8
                catman -w
                Now the page appears

        Third problems: bad man pages.That was my mistake.
        I have this problem with sendmail.8, wich is not properly formatted. I've tried :
nroff -h -Tman sendmail.8 > sendmail.0
nroff: cannot open /usr/share/lib/nterm/

          Then I tried nroff -h -man sendmail.8, but I got garbage. Then I moved to a linux box, and tried nroff -h -mandoc sendmail.8 > sendmail.0 . The page works, but the format is awful. So I'm still fighting this.

        If this doesn't work for you, you may try these two: (Robert Lopez ) suggests two solutions:
        First: ( a little dirty ): alias man='man -F'. It works
        Second: ( dirtier ): Make a script to manually add the entries to the windex database.

        Robert Lopez has a very nice question: What must be done to have answerbook see the new man pages?

        Below are the anwers I received:

        Again, thanks a lot!


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Joey Singh ( :

  I think you are heading in the right direction. When you typed in catman -w,
  it created the windex file which is used for creating database for man -f and
  man -k. I think what you need is catman -w -M /usr/share/man.

Well, I tried but nothing happened, still 'No manual entry for foo'
( I tried this before setting the correct file modes )

Fletch , (Anatoly M. Lisovsky) , goff@CAST.MsState.Edu (Don Goff):

Make sure that /usr/share/man is in your MANPATH, and that the installed
pages are chmod'd readable by your account. Other than that it sounds
like you've got it installed o.k.


I've checked the permissions on the files, and some were not world-readable, I've changed that, tried catman -w again, but still the same, No manual entry.....

Damian Murphy :

Ensure the MANSECTS line in /usr/share/man/ is modified to include

This is my, so I already have section 8

# Default configuration file for the SUNWman on-line manual pages.


--------------- (Craig Gruneberg)

suggest that maybe there is a problem with the man pages:

Check the first few lines of the man file. I've had to copy
those lines from a known good man page file to the problem
file and then things worked fine.

--------------- (Mark S. Anderson)

 has the same idea:

1. Can you access any other man pages in /usr/share/man/man8 ? If so,
    then foo.8 may be corrupted, or the permissions may be incorrect.
    Make the permissions and ownership match the working manpage


I got a huge letter from (Robert Lopez ). He had the same problem ( and some others with Sun Support :)

He has two solutions:

 alias man to man -F, to force a search

 make a script to add manually the entries to the windex database


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