SUMMARY: Strange interaction between lockscreen and "at"

From: Daniel Lorenzini (
Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 05:32:16 CDT


This turned out to be a non-problem. The answer was that 'lockscreen'
and several other long-running jobs were being started using "at", and
/var/spool/cron/queuedefs limited the number of concurrent "at" jobs to
four. Thus the observed behavior was as expected under the
circumstances. I guess I shouldn't have bothered the list with this
one, but I did not realize that these processes were started with "at"
until after I posted the note.

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Original message:

This is definitely a weird one. A user's "at" jobs don't seem to run
while his (sunview) screen is locked using lockscreen_default. The
machine has two monitors attached to cgsix cards. He is running
sunview on one screen and openwin on the other. The system is a sparc
10 running 4.1.3 with patches 100173-10, 100075-09, 100359-06, 100584-05
and 100726-13 installed.

What is strange is that the jobs stay in the queue after the time they
are supposed to run (that is, they don't get started), but when
lockscreen is killed, they start being run, one every few minutes!

In other respects the system seems normal: load average, swap space,
memory usage, etc. Cron is running and there are no syslog messages.
Other users' "at" jobs run okay. Any help would be appreciated.

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