SUMMARY: NIS & NFS Server Questions

From: Louis Kim (
Date: Thu Aug 17 1995 - 09:55:11 CDT

Hello SUN Managers;
I like to thank the following people for resonding to my posting so
==================== ORIGINAL POSTING
(1) Can a NIS Master Server and NFS Server be the same machine? If yes,
what type of of horse power does it require? Multiple CPUs? Lots of RAMs ?
Faster CPUs?
(2) Can the NFS server also be a NIS slave server?
(3) If both NIS Master and NFS server should run separately, what is the
appropriate or recommended configuration for each server? Assumption: 60 -
70 client machines. Running a few NFS based client/server applications.
(4) Can I run NIS Servers on SunOS 4.1.3 for clients running Solaris 2.x?

(1) & (2)
  NIS (not NIS+) and NFS can be on the same host. The horsepower
requirement depends on the number of clients and the load on your network.
The load NIS imposes on its servers is not much, however, the load NFS
imposes depends on many facters: the type of application, the number
concurrent connections to the NFS server, how much data on the NFS server,
etc. Therefore if you want to run them both on the same machine, you need
to taylor the machine to suit your NFS requirements.
  The standard SS 5 or SS20 are the most common responses. However, some
people said they are usig SS 1, SS2, or even Classic for NIS & NFS Servers
for 50 - 100 clients. Some people said the key issue here is the
networking. If you have a SS1000 w/ 256MB on 10MB/s ethernet with 50
clients heavily accessing the server would be inefficient.
Note that an NFS accelerator card (Prestoserve) helps NFS overload.
  On this one, I received many YESs & NOs. I guess I'm going to ask SUN
about this.
Recommended Books to read:
O'reilly's "Managing NFS & NIS"
Sun's "Sun Performance & Tuning"
If you have additional information, please let me know. I received so many
responses that I can probably dig more answers.

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