SUMMARY: Password generator

From: Ulla Sandberg (
Date: Thu Aug 17 1995 - 02:59:36 CDT

I got a lot of responses. Thank you all!! Now that I am back from an
extra long and very relaxing weekend on Gotland (large island on
Swedens east coast) it is time to put together a summary.

The answers and pieces of code I received can be found at URL= (server in Sweden) (server in the USA)

Please use the one closest to you. Additional answers and comments
will be put up there (I will send no more mail to the mailing list
about this subject), so please send me more programs and/or
information and whatever. When we have evaluated these programs I will
put up a note on which alternative we choose.

This is what I have received by now:

Rick Dempster ( suggests genpass and sent me the
code consisting of genpass.c and random.c.

Jack Valko ( suggests an archie search for pwgen.
I found pwgen on a site in UK, but the CD it's on isn't always mounted
and I haven't had time to

Philip Plane ( sent a perl program for Solaris 2.x.

Michael Bennett ( sent his
random_generator written for korn shell.

Christian Gresser ( sent a perl
subroutine that he uses himself, another perl program that his friend
uses and htpasswd.c

Jim McLean-Lipinski ( thinks he have just what
I'm looking for, will generate accounts, NIS+ credentials, and random
passwords. Unfortunately he wasn't at his office and couldn't send me
the code then. I'm still waiting.

Jochen Bern ( sent his password.c whichn
is "more inclined to secure, really random passwords which might not
be easy to learn".

Again, thanks a lot!


Ulla Sandberg (

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