SUMMARY: Remote Tape Dump Fails - Permission denied on /dev/rmt/0hn

From: Mel (
Date: Thu Aug 17 1995 - 02:39:23 CDT

Original Question:

>Solaris 2.4
>Attempting a backup to a remote tape device (example follows) fails -
please >can anyone advise me of a fix/workaround ?
>The .rhosts files are configured correctly - everything appears to work
until >(presumably /etc/rmt) tries to open the tape device.

>It looks like a bug to me, any ideas ?

Two problems here:

1. Related to the most common suggestion:
   The tape drive has developed an error that makes it report that a tape is
write protected even when it isn't. Righ now it is stuck with it's top
(amber) light continually on ( an undocumented condition).

2. The required format of the /.rhosts file has changed between 2.4 and 2.3
So, the format of the .rhosts file on the 2.4 tapehost has to be:
2.3client root
if you have 2.3clients but must be
if you have 2.4clients otherwise you get permission denied.
However my problem is a little more subtle than that. The 'dummpuser' user
is only a valid userid on the tapehost but the system is expecting it to be
valid on both machines.

a. get the tape drive repaired
b. forget the 'dumpuser' uid and do everything as root - a bit less secure
than I would have liked though.

Andrew Mellanby
Computing Officer, Dept. Math.Sciences,
University of Aberdeen

(All views expressed are my own, NOT those of the University)

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