Summary: disk format problem, dump problem

From: K. Bader (
Date: Tue Aug 15 1995 - 23:42:40 CDT

Sun Managers,
Question 1: Seagate drive defect list not found.
Answer 1: From Dan Lorenzini:
        It appears that your disks came from the vendor
        without the defect list being extraced and written
        the way SunOS likes it. There is a trick in 'format'
        that allows you to do this without having to format
        the drive all over again. This is how to do it:

        -Select the drive under 'format', and go into the
                "defect" section. There, use 'original' to
                 get the manufacturer's list from the drive.
                 Then do 'commit'. (Ignore the message that
                 tells you you have to format the drive.)
        -Quit the defect menu and under the main 'format' menu
                select 'backup'. Answer yes to continue even
                though the disk has a primary label, and there
                you will see it writing out the label *and the
                defect list*.

I haven't tried this yet.

Question 2: Backup/restore failing with "Changing Volumes
            on pipe input? abort [yn].
Answer 2: From Glenn Satchell

        Dump is failing because the volume of data is greater
        than it thinks will fit on one "tape" and it is asking
        you to put the nxt one in. Just add a parameter to
        dump to tell it that the "tape" is _really_ long, eg:

          dump 0usf 99999999 - fs | .....

        or use the same parameters as you would for a DAT or
        Exabyte tape, eg:

          dump 0usdbf 13000 54000 126 - fs | ....

I tried eg 2 and it still failed. I'll try eg 1 with blocking
factor and density.

Answer 2: From Dan Lorenzini

        I do this all the time, but I use the "r" flag to
        restore rather than "x". Maybe this will help.

I can try this too.

                Thank you.

Thanks to:
Dan Lorenzini
Glenn Satchell
Stephen Harris
Steve Raffensberger
Jeff Wasilko
Perry Hutchison
Michael J. Shon

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