SUMMARY: CPU at 100% after exiting wabi

Date: Tue Aug 15 1995 - 22:46:02 CDT


I'd like to thank all those who took the time to respond to my question.

Original question ( abbreviated ):

        Does anyone know why this happens?
        After exiting wabi, the cpu meter stays at 100 percent. The process
        chewing up the cycles is the X server (/usr/openwin/bin/X). Restarting
        X fixes the problem until the next time I exit wabi.

        I received two responses suggesting that I install patch #102057,
        and one suggesting patch #101907.

        #102057 is a Jumbo patch for Openwindows; it fixes bugid 1177198.
        This bug caused the X server to continually poll "dead" file
        descriptors. This is exactly what I was seeing. Install the
        patch fixed the prolem!!!

        #101907 is a patch for the vold driver. I don't believe that
        it is related to my problem.

        Install patch #102057

Special thanks to:
        Robert Andersson <> (Anthony Clarke)

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