SUMMARY: PCNFSpro PostScript printing problem

From: Kevin Sampron [Systems Engineer - Advanced Systems Group] (
Date: Tue Aug 15 1995 - 06:29:41 CDT


This is really "The Summary part II". The original problem was that our PC in
the office running PCNFSpro, and printing across the net thru a SC1000 running
2.4 and into an HPLaserJet IV printer using a Jet Direct card/driver, would not
print out postscript files correctly. The ps print files had an unprintable or
blank character being added to the header (first line) and looked like:

     %! PS-Adobe-3.0 instead of the expected: %!PS-Adobe-3.0

This caused our postscript printouts to look like unreadable text or ASC format
instead of nice clean postscript. Sun helped us on this problem but we were not
able to resolve it (or so we thought).

Finally the answer to this little computer riddle is as follows:

1) Note how your printer is set up in Main->Control Panel->Printers on your PC.
   Be sure to note the printers name, and port number.

2) Edit the win.ini file on the PC under \windows. Find the entry that refers
   to your setup and uses the format [Printer Name, Printer port]. Now enter
   "CTRLD=0" (Zero) to the first line. An HP Laserjet III example would look
   like the following in \windows\win.ini:

        [HP LaserJet III PostScript,LPT2]

3) Exit windows and re-enter back in. The problem should now be corrected!!

Sorry for the confusion on this problem! I know we tried THIS fix in the first
place but Sun wasn't very descriptive on just exactly where to put this entry.
It took my building up another spare PC, loading PCNFSpro on it, and trying this
fix on it without the confusion of the original PC's win.ini file which was FULL
of printer entries of all sorts?

So now it's "Warm Fuzzies" time for everyone here!!

VERY SPECIAL THANKS goes to Chris Wozniak <> for resolving this
problem first on his PC then letting me know by email that "YES IT WORKS!!!"

Thanks also to Robert Moyer and Dave Fetrow whose ideas (posted below) I didn't
get a chance to try.

Best Regards,

Kevin S. (No, NOT the infamous Kevin Sheehan)

p.s. Thanks again to everyone who sent me direct input!!!

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From: Robert Moyer _/ _/_/_/_/
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Didn't see your earlier post. I had a similar problem recently which I resolved
by getting the latest postscript windows drivers from HP, installing them and
choosing ADOBE Default Printer (I think, I don't have access to any of those
PCs right now) . Anyway, if you would like more info. on this let me know and
I will look up all the details when I am in the office.

From: -Dave Fetrow

You could also use a winsock based shareware lpd spooler such as
is available from the CICA archives. Our microsoft apps prefer this.


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