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SUN Managers,

  Sorry for the (veeerrryyy) late reply, we are having problem with
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SUN Managers,

   has anybody successfully setup a Microsoft-Mail facility through
   one gateway (a PC) with SUN ?

   We have a group of user want to use MS-MAIL and they want to send
   and receive e-mail from the internet too, and we have a SUN server
   that are connected to the internet (Sun IPX running Solaris 2.x)
   we have setup one gateway for the MS-MAIL. until now we still failed
   to make it work !

   is anybody has successfully make this type of situation works ?
   is yes, what do I need to setup on SUN Server ? Gateway ? or maybe PC ?



> has anybody successfully setup a Microsoft-Mail facility through
> one gateway (a PC) with SUN ?

Yes. It works pretty reasonably. You have to have a supported network
since the MSMail TCP/IP gateway software (from Microsoft) only allows a
few TCP implementations to be used. The one we did was with Novell's
Lan Workplace for DOS TCP/IP software since the PC's were all using
Novell as the base network (yuck! <grin>).

The installation was pretty easy and smooth. The only pain is that the
MS Mail software's mechanism for sending mail to TCP/IP systems is not
totally transparent. You have to specifically request the use of an
SMTP address (rather than the software figuring it out for itself). So
users have to be taught how to specify addresses.

But it does work relatively cleanly.

> We have a group of user want to use MS-MAIL and they want to send
> and receive e-mail from the internet too, and we have a SUN server
> that are connected to the internet (Sun IPX running Solaris 2.x)
> we have setup one gateway for the MS-MAIL. until now we still failed
> to make it work !
> is anybody has successfully make this type of situation works ?
> is yes, what do I need to setup on SUN Server ?

Nothing other than recognizing the PC gateway as a node on the TCP

> Gateway ? or maybe PC ?

Needs Microsofts MSMail TCP/IP gateway software.

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>>From: Chris Bamber <>

You will to obtain a post-office upgrade for the PC clients and buy a
Ms-Mail gateway to talk to the SUN machine - I would recommend the
SMTP gateway if you are using smtp on the sun for mail.



>>From: (Anil Bharvaney)

        I've looked into this from the following angle, which may or may
        not be similar to what you are looking for...

        We have a bunch of WFW and NT's talking tcp/ip to a NT advanced
        server. This NTAS is on the same network as our suns.

        When someone uses ms-mail, and addresses it as
        ms-mail gets all upset... as it doesn't "talk smtp" which our
        sun unix boxes expect...

        AFter searching a bit, the answer came from Microsoft that told
        us, oh, to do that you need our smtp gateway...

        I think there are a few sources of these gateway's at this time
        outside of microsoft... but they are too expensive for our application
        (our NT or wfw users could go direct to internet mail and ms-mail
        use has actually dropped...)

        hope it helps..

>>From: (Lois B Bennett)

 We run MS-Mail on a MAC with an SMTP product from StarNine which points to
the UNIX mail server. It seems to work fine.

>>From: (Richard England)

Want you need to get is the MS-Mail Gateway to SMTP Mail
from Microsoft. It is rather expensive and also they do
not have very good help with it. But I have installed it
on a NT network and maid it work very good.

                                Richard England

>>From: (joe merola)

For what its worth, I can give you a *general* description of our site.
We have a similar setup here - a Microsoft lan that has a PC
dedicated to being the SMTP gateway. Microsoft has a software
package dedicated to this function. It serves as the interface
between the SMTP mail (Sun) environment, and the Microsoft mail
server. The PC gets an IP Address and a hostname, and communicates
TCP/IP. Thats all it needs to do in order to communicate with the
Sun SMTP environment.

Our Internet interface is comprised of Sun hardware for DNS
and mail forwarding. Our internal DNS server lists the
PC-lan SMTP gateway as a mailhost. We just forward mail destined
to a PC user (which comes in as to the gateway
machine, which then forwards it to the Microsoft postoffice (another PC
in our environment) for delivery to the PC user(s).

So you need to:

1) Set up a PC running Microsoft SMTP Gateway software. Configure the
   domain names carefully on here to properly reference the Sun domain.

2) Place the PC's IP address/hostname in the Sun DNS or host file.

3) Set up an alias file on the sun to forward the mail to the SMTP Gateway.

Items 2 & 3 are how we do it - there are variations on this that will
depend on the specifics at your site.

Joe Merola
Norden Systems Inc.
Norwalk, CT

>>From: Rob Scott <>

There is a bug in the current Microsoft Mail SMTP Gateway software (on
DOS) that prevents the gateway from successfully receiving email which
does not have the fully qualified domain name as the host part of the
address. This does not affect outgoing mail through the SMTP gateway.
                zaphod@beeblebrox doesn't work

When sending mail to the SMTP gateway, the Sun system is trying to do
a simple thing in that it realizes that the SMTP gateway is
(typically) within the same domain name, and it strips off the domain
name part and leaves just the hostname part. i.e. a message addressed
on the Sun to:
gets truncated by the Sun to:

Most systems don't have a problem with this, and will rightly accept
email just fine when addressed in this fashion. Not so the MSMail
SMTP gateway. To correct the problem with the gateway, I make a small
modification in my file which re-appends the fully
qualified domain name to all messages destined for the SMTP gateway.
My gateway name is "smtpgate" and my (example) domain name is "",
and I add the following two lines to Ruleset 6 (S6) following the
first rule ("convert local domain"). I can't remember now why two
rules were needed, but I seem to think that I found at least one
addressing case where the second was used.

R$*<@smtpgate.LOCAL>$* $1<>$2 fix MSMAIL gateway bug
R$*<@smtpgate>$* $1<>$2 fix MSMAIL gateway bug

Hope that this helps.
              Rob Scott, Unix Systems and Network Analyst
      Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC)
    , (206) 775-8471x4282

>>From: Chris Wozniak TISC <>

Selamat siang Rosley.

I've had lots of trouble setting up SMTP Gateway for the MS Mail here, but
finally I succeded and it's been working very well for several months now.
You'll need the following software components:

Option 1:
        TCP/IP stack
                - Microsoft, 16 bit (V. 2.0)
                  from Microsoft ftp site or a mirror, public domain.
                - or any commercial TCP/IP stack listed in Microsoft
                  SMTP Gateway Manual
        NFS software for your Gateway PC. I have tested successfully
        a shareware product, NFS Client from Tsoft. The rep, Mike Durkin
        has been very helpful in making it work. This client works very
        well with the Microsoft 16 bit TCP/IP stack mentioned above.
        Tsoft e-mail address is You can get Tsoft NFS from
        many sites, ex., etc., check archie.

Option 2:
        Microsoft 16 bit TCP/IP stack
        LAN Manager Software (ex LM server for your Sun)
        This is an expensive option, but makes sense if you want a spiffy
        NFS Sun server.

You install and configure TCP/IP stack, install and configure NFS client
to mount a M: mail drive on your gateway, then install and configure
SMTP Gateway. You have to set up a Domain name for the Gateway.
Let's say that your domain is You designate PC Gateway
as, then make your Domain Name server aware of it.
If NFS drive, stack and domain name are OK you should start getting mail.

Please let me know if you have any detailed question I'll be happy to help.

Good luck

Chris A. Wozniak

ph. +61 9 386 8236 e-mail fax +61 9 386 6589

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>From: (Diarmuid Coyle)

Hello, I have a ccmail system but it works the same as MSMAIL. You need to buy the MSMAIL-SMTP gateway which runs on a dedicated PC. The PC speaks TCPIP to the SUN machine and SMTP on top of that. Its relatively straight forward to setup but it will be a bit unreliable as it keeps crashing.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>From: (Doug Jones)

I have it working.


(904) 392-8099

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>From: Chris Bamber <>

You will have to obtain a post-office upgrade for the PC clients and buy a Ms-Mail gateway to talk to the SUN machine - I would recommend the SMTP gateway if you are using smtp on the sun for mail.


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>>From: (Stuart Bradshaw)

You need to setup a smtp gateway for MS-Mail. MS sells what is called a smtp gateway that runs on a PC by itself. In order to have this communicate with the Sun you must also be running Domain Name Service.

We have setup a MS-Mail smtp gateway in our environment and it works well.

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>>From: Edward Sheldon <>

I have managed to set up a Microsoft Mail gateway to a SUN host using the Microsoft SMTP gateway product. This message is currently being sent via the gateway. The product worked after following the instructions supplied with the gateway (which is a very small booklet).

Edward Sheldon e-mail:

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ From: sun-managers-relay Sent: Thursday, 19 June 1919 17:04 To: sun-managers Subject: MS-MAIL Gateway to SUN

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>From: Roland Yeo <>

yes, we run it here in our company. You need to configure the MSMail-SMTP gateway correctly, and to do some rewriting rules in your to hide your internet domains.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Roland Yeo Delteq Systems <> Phone: 65-2720806 Fax: 65-2739159

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>From: (Doug Jones)

Call me.

(904) 392-8099

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>From: Dave Whitehead <>

One of my colleagues passed your query on "sun-managers" to me.

We run a large MSMail service (>7500 users on >150 PO's worldwide) and have two such gateways to the Internet.

Both run using a standard PC with an ethernet card, using the LAN Workplace TCP stack (Novell) - then Microsoft's MSMail SMTP gateway. They talk to a Sun Sparc 10 running standard Sun sendmail.

Each of the MS POs are defined as MX records for the DNS but all of them point to the gateway machine [sample]

barab02 IN MX 10 barab03 IN MX 10 barab04 IN MX 10

We pass to Unix every night a list of the aliases and po's the msmail users are on


dwhitehead :

so that my mailbox name in msmail DOES NOT get used for my Internet address ...............

The gateway "smart host " is defined to be the Sparc 10. The gateway name is "msmailgate" The gateway domain (and the smart hosts) is ""

Thats it - it works to the tune of 2000+ inbound messages a day and 500+ outbound a day.

Mail me with any queries ..................

regards Dave Whitehead MsMail Support Brown and Root

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>From: (Jim Leahy)

We just installed the Microsoft MS-Mail to SMTP gateway. Microsoft has an excellent fax back server call 1800-555-1212 for number.

Basic pre-reqs:

Dedicated 386sx 4 meg RAM 5 meg disk free or better with an NDIS compliant ethernet or token ring card with driver. ftp's TCP/IP kernel software.

The customer is using this as a mail gateway to the internet.

In this customers config ...

A sun netrai acts as the internet gateway and the pc acts as a gateway between MS-mail and any SMTP (Sun or internet) mail hosts. The mail headers can be a little long but it works. 1-2hour install.


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