Re: SUMMARY: increasing process avail mem on SPARC2

From: Joerg Schilling (
Date: Thu Aug 10 1995 - 18:38:42 CDT

The SS2 has a 2 stage SUN MMU, the SPARCserver 4/470 has a 3 stage SUN MMU.
Therefore the SPARCserver 4/470 doesn't have the hardware limitation, which is
found on the SS2.

This is the reason, why your programm runs on this machine.

N.B. The SS2 has a sun4c hardware architecture, the SPARCserver 4/470 has
a sun4 architecture!!!

In article <> (Jim Hall) writes:
>Here's what I needed to do:
>I have a SPARCstation 2 running Solaris 2.3, and we have programs that
>we develop in-house, but they need to access about 1.5--2 Gb of data
>in memory. My little SPARCstation 2 tops out at 535 Mb, even though I
>have more than 2 Gb virtual memory configured.
>The SPARCstation 2 does not allow you to let processes take up more
>than that 535 Mb 'hard limit'. That's a hardware limit, not software
>(i.e. not related to Solaris.)
>The engineer from Sun that I spoke to says the Ss2 runs a sun4c
That's not the right nomenclature - sun4c tells you something about the hardware
architecture of the machine.

>architechture. The Sun SPARCserver 4/470 that we also have (4.1.3) is
>running those programs fine, and has a limit of 2 Gb. It just so
>happens that the Ss4 uses a sun4m architechture, which has a memory
>limit of abiout 2 Gb.

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