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Date: Thu Aug 10 1995 - 15:15:26 CDT

Sorry this took so long, but here are some suggestion. Overall Disk Suite
3.0 is a good Mirroring Product, but it is unable to do Network Mirroring.
There were some suggestions on other products which we are currently

Thanks to those who responded.

--- Steve

>From Thu Jun 29 14:01:17 1995

You might check with They have a 16-ported scsi
offering (so across a shared scsi bus, not the net), and plans for a
failover system in October. I have no experience with their products.


>From Thu Jun 29 14:03:59 1995

I've often wondering the same thing, and unfortunately ODS does not support this. I haven't found any software that does, presumably because of the amount of bandwidth that would be needed to support this amoung other things.

I've thought about trying it on my own, but have never had the time to really get into it. It'd be hard if not impossible to create "true" mirroring on my own, so I have never really taken the time.

My thoughts would be to have either a dedicated subnet or even a direct connection between the two machines and go from there. I would think an ethernet connection dedicated to the mirroring would have enough bandwidth to support it, but I don't know for certain. Maybe some sort of high speed serial connection would do the trick.


>From Thu Jun 29 14:48:10 1995

There was an article in SUN Expert magazine a month or two ago with a bad review of all the hierarchical storage products but an engineer here says he used "hsm...something" on a vax/vms. We are not aware of anything for a SUN that works but PLEASE copy us with any responses you get.


>From Thu Jun 29 16:43:08 1995

Not possible with ODS (OnLine DiskSuite)

Not possible with most networking because of latency and difficulty synchronizing disks. High speed networks approach that of disk channels and may therefore be a new opportunity.

Usual way to achieve this kind of High Availability is to use dual port disks or dual hosted SCSI buses. There are many tricky issues - this is not a no-brainer. OpenVision HA and Qualix Watchdog HA are two commercial implementations. They work, but are not cheap!


>From denali!denali.alaska.opensys.COM!don Thu Jun 29 17:24:14 1995

My knowledge of Online Disk Suite (ODS) would say NO to mirroring across the network. Besides, if the network fails your mirror would hang the ODS server.

You would do best to move the file systems that need mirroring to a common server, mirror them, and NFS mount the file systems to whichever nfs clients need them. This way, you only need one ODS copy and license, yet all critcal disk systems can be mirrored.

Also look at ODS 4.0 now available from Sun. It has a GUI front-end much more friendly than the ODS we have used so far.


>From kovert@umiacs.UMD.EDU Thu Jun 29 17:33:02 1995

depends on how closely you want it mirrored. If you don't care about preserving the same inode number, rdist will function, and is included with SunOS.


Steve, I think that network mounting is too slow to use for mirroring, but it is just fine for the online backup.

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---- >From yangtze!!jmarble Fri Jun 30 09:39:24 1995

Data General has made a product OEM'd by several vendors that allows sharing of drives between several computers.

---- >From stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM Thu Jul 6 11:15:48 1995

check out the ISIS reliable NFStoolkit, now sold by stratus.

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