SUMMARY: Interleaf

Date: Thu Aug 10 1995 - 13:31:15 CDT

> HI!
> Fairly new to the group, I have a question which is bothering one of our
> users. We have a Sparc2 (Sunos 4.1.1) running Inerleaf 5.0. The problem is that
> whenever the user delets or moves things in Inerleaf, it leaves a white
> patch behind. The user complains that he has to use the REFRESH from openwindows
> (utilities) menu every time this happens and that the previous sys admin fixed
> this in a second (he is so sure its not a Interleaf problem). No, he does not know
> what made it come back. There are other stations (not sparc2's, onle one sparc2)
> running the same application w/o any problems. Now the new admin is wondering what the heck to do..
> Any help will be sincerely appreciated.
> Jose


Its an Interleaf issue. Thanks to this group and more so thankfull to
the people who responded. There names follows in no specific order.

From: "James Ashton" <>
From: "Scott McClung" <>
From: Gary Parker <>
From: (Michael Seeger)
From: Per Hallenborg <>
From: (Jill Maxfield)
From: ( Duane Grant)
From: "Bruce Rossiter" <>
From: Nancy Butters <>
From: (Brian L Plante)

Most (90%) of the reponses hinted to add "ileaf.popup.saveUnder: true" to the
users .Xdefaults or start Ileaf with

exec /interleaf/ileaf5/bin/ileaf -xrm 'Ileaf.popup.saveUnder: true' "$@".

Both works. I did recieve other suggestions (10%) which I have not tried "cause
of time constraints.

Thanx again.


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