SUMMARY: rsh from Solaris 2.4 to Ultrix 4.4

From: Tim Cantin (
Date: Tue Aug 08 1995 - 11:29:02 CDT


This one ought to get in the FAQ. Here is my original question:

> I am logged in on a Sparc 5 running Solaris 2.4; call the machine Foo.
> The other machine is a DECstation 5000/120 running Ultrix 4.4, call it Bar.
> Foo and Bar both have /etc/hosts.equiv files with each other's names in it.
> Also, under my directory on both machines I have a .rhosts file with entries
> like:
> On Bar: On Foo:
> Foo tim Bar tim
> tim tim
> I can do "rlogin Bar" and "rsh Bar" from Foo just fine, but when I try to
> do "rsh Bar date" (or "rsh Bar /bin/date") from Foo, I get "Permission
> denied". What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

Here is the solution, from

> I'd a similar problem once and the reason was the remote machine "IP name"
> was not it /etc/hosts file.

I put in /etc/hosts on, and the rsh command
in the above scenario suddenly works. Go figure.

Thanks Badri! (and to the many others who replied with very useful things [all
of which I had already, though])

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