SUMMARY : binhex format conversion in mail

From: Iseminger (
Date: Tue Aug 08 1995 - 07:58:17 CDT

Thanks to all those who responded. Here is the original question:

> I'm getting requests from my users to convert mail files that are in a
> "binhex" format. My users are receiving mail from PC users with embedded
> files that are in this format.
> Looking out on the net I see binhex source code associated with the Mac. Is
> there anything out there for a SunOS/Solaris system.
> Thanks.

One suggestion from suggested Eudora which runs on a PC,
is free and supports binhex, MIME, and uuencode/decode. I knew about the
binhex and MIME, but I didn't know about uuencode/decode. I have not checked
this out yet. You can get more information by sending mail to You will also need the pop3 daemon found at Thanks Amy.

Numerous other people suggested the following utilities to compile and run
on Sun systems:


Here are some sites recommended by Lloyd Wood <>:

Detailed in comp.sys.mac FAQs, but from the required reading FAQ on file

.hqx: Macintosh BinHex format.. (BinHex is *not* a compression program,
        it is similar to uuencode but handles multiple forks.)
       for Mac:

       for Unix:

       for MSDOS:

One other thing that Lloyd suggested was having the PC users agree to transfer
files in the MIME format. Good idea. They already try to do this internally. It is people from the outside who are sending files in the binhex format.

I have not tested out any of the above utilities. I just wanted a starting
point and now I've gotten it. I also wanted to get this summary out before the question got too stale.

Sorry there is not more but it is going to take some time to sort out which
utility will fit my needs the best.

Thanks again to all those who responded....

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