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Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 13:05:19 CDT

Thanks to all the sun managers who responded so quickly. Becasue I was looking
for a description/defination of the reverse telnet software, I will not try to
explain and possibly lead you astray. The following are the excerpts of those
who responded.
Thanks again.

Every terminal server vendor seems to have a piece of code to do this.
Basically it opens a socket which connects to a particular serial port
on the terminal server. This is used typically for printers and modems
where the data flows from the computer to the terminal server, in a
reverse fashion to when you have a temrinal and login via it. I think
this is where the "reverse" part comes from.

rtel associates an IP Address and port with a specific filename which looks
like a device to a program. This way one can send or receive data from a
specific "directly connected device" which is actually somewhere remote.

If rtel is anything like the Xylogics rtelnet then what it does is
provide a pty on the local device that is connected via the network to
the terminal server port. The daemon takes all writes and passes them
to the port and presents all incoming data from the port at the pty.
You can use the program for other things I have run a fax server and
kermit using rtelnet.

rtel as far as I know is what Lantronix called their software to open an IP
connection to a hardware port on their terminal/printserver boxes. Earlier
versions allowed two way communication via a ptty/tty pair on the host.

Due to implementation problems and bugs in various operating systems, the
later versions only support one way communication via a named pipe. I have
had the fun of debugging this rtel to get a parallel and serial connection
going to the same printer. This allows the fast downloading of data to the
printer and also gives the status information (PS errors etc) via the
serial port.

Thanks also to and

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