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Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 12:52:02 CDT


Sorry this summary took so long. THose pesky vacations get in the way :) Anyway,
thanks for some information. I actually got very little input on this one and
I am hacking on the problem still. Probably 80% there. The question is attached at
the bottom. Many suggestions on using the EEPROM to set the port. There is so many
myths about the eeprom floating around. According to several sources sun and
otherwise the OS takes over the serial ports after boot up, so twiddling the
eeprom is less than rewarding if you're expecting any results. Got one response
which was the tech sheet from MAGMA's SBus parallel port boards. So that is
a possible answer for someone in this situation(email if you want
more info). Got one other piece of useful information to share and that is
a web page on serial port setup. It is fairly useful especially for modems:

>"Celeste's Tutorial on Solaris 2.x Modems & Terminals" is available via
>the Web at, or via ftp at
> Latest rev is 1.4, 6/18/95.

Anyway, I am slowly getting things working by messing with the solaris filters and
scripts. It is a confussing mess actually. But I do have the printer running at
19.2 now. I was able to change the 'stty' commands buried in the printer script.

Thanks to:

-Jim Murff
Jim Murff, NIS ( Voice # (619)635-8678
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I checked the summary archive but don't see anything similar so here goes...

I have a sparcII lots of memory and disk space running Solaris 2.4. We
decided to go with an Okidata 410e laser (led laser) printer as an
affordable alternative to sparc printers. The printer and machine are
lower customer usage but the printer needs to work better than it
currently does. I wondering about a few things:

1) the serial port on the printer supports up to 19.2. Anyone know how to
make the printer port(/dev/term/b) work at a baud rate higher than 9600? I
can't figure it out where to set it, I figure i need some stty command. I
am using the hplaser terminfo entry. (I can't believe I miss the
printcap!) do i need to change and recompile the entry for this?

2.) this isn't a postscript printer but i do have ghostscript. I am unsure
how the best way is to substitute or insert this into the printer path.
(i.e. what files do i change so it uses ghostscript when it sees
postscript). And finally, if i use ghostscript do i tell admintool that
the printer is postscript or all or ?? I want to make it transparent to
the users so they just do normal print commands.

3.) There is also an occassional use for WABI. I set this printer up to be
driven by the WABI driver for hp laser jet three. it works fine except
that the file loads down to the printer and then you have to take printer
offline and formfeed to get the printout. Any ideas??

Thanks for the help/suggestions with these questions!

Jim Murff, NIS ( Voice # (619)635-8678
Nicolet Imaging Systems Inc., San Diego, CA. Corp # (619)695-6661
Senior Software Engineer/System Admin. Fax # (619)695-9902

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