SUMMARY: PC-NFSpro postscript printing problem...I guess???

From: Kevin Sampron [Systems Engineer - Advanced Systems Group] (
Date: Wed Aug 02 1995 - 01:45:21 CDT


On July 18th I posted a problem regarding the printing of postscript files from
notebook pc's running PC-NFSpro. The postscript files header when sent to the
networked HPLaserJet IV printer was adding either a space or an unprintable
character after the "!" and before the "P" as follows: %! PS-Adobe-3.0. This
is how the header looked in both the print spool and obviously the print out.
The actual postscript file on the pc looked correct ie: %!PS-Adobe-3.0.

We tried many various things to fix the problem such as:

1) Added "CtrlD=0" to the win.ini file.
2) Enabled Print Manager by checking the checkbox in the
   Control Panel->Printers.
3) Disabled "Fast Printing Direct to Port" by un-checking the checkbox in
   Control Panel->Printers->Connect.
4) Disabled "Print Net Jobs Direct".
   Brought up the Print Manager->Options->Network Settings
   dialog and unchecked the "Print Net Jobs Direct" option.
5) Attempted to print using "LPT1.DOS" port but was unable to make it work
   with the network.
6) Added the line "0 string %! PostScript document" to /etc/magic.
7) Attempted (unsucessfully) to edit "pscript.drv" file on the pc.
8) Someone suggested trying Control Panel->Printers->Setup->Options->Advanced
   Options but their was no "Advanced Options" button here? (Windows 3.1).

As well as a combination of all the above.

SUMMARY: Well not much of one!! After several weeks of Sun Tech Support working
on the problem(I guess) they closed the ticket out stating that they were aware
of this BUG (I pointed the bug id out to them after finding it on SunSolve). Sun
stated that there are no known patches, work arounds or fixes for this problem
affecting PC-NFSpro. Apparantly there is a fix for this same problem affecting
PC-NFS 5.1 and that is by creating a filter in pcnfsd.conf but PC-NFSpro does
not appear to have this file. The best Sun could offer was to put me on their
"notifier list" so that I would be contacted "if and when" they get around to
fixing this bug. I will however go back and "one last time" verify all the steps
I have previously taken to insure that I didn't miss something.

Special Thanks to the efforts of:

Tim Wort - tim@Access.COM
Mike Avina -
Steve Raffensberger -
Jaeho Yang -
Amy Hollander -
Jeff Moser -

And of course all our good buddies down at Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado,
whose excellent Tech Support Team has bailed us out on more than one occasion!!!

Kevin S. -
Advanced Systems Group

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