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Date: Fri Aug 04 1995 - 04:05:05 CDT

 That was trivial :-( ..

 As Melissa Metz <> says :

>Check the protection of the mount point, when /home2 is *not* mounted.
> firat# umount /home2
> firat# ls -ldg /home2
>It needs to be 755. You can't see it when adana:/home2 is mounted, but
>the kernel can, and it obeys the permissions (e.g. 750) in this
> Melissa Metz
> Unix Systems Group

I also thank very much to:

Stefan Rauthenberg <rauthenberg@HHI.DE>
Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services <>
Christopher Davis <>
Todd Michael Kennedy <>

Original Posting:

Hi Sun-Managers,

  At our site, we started upgrading from SunOS4.1.3 to Solaris 2.4.
We decided to NFS serve home directories on our new Solaris machine. We are
having problems with one of our home file systems (/home2) , the problem
description :

NFS Server: (adana)
SS1000E, Solaris 2.4
Patch cluster on CD, and Recommended patches applied.

dfstab entry for /home2:
share -F nfs -o root=firat,rw=firat:bcc-hosts:eng-pc:pccanan:pclib1:art-pc:
ctppc52 /home2

Client :
4/490, SunOS 4.1.3, NIS server (at least, for now..)

The fstab entry for /home2 is:
adana:/home2 /home2 nfs rw,bg,intr 0 0

The client successfully mounts /home2, but when users login, they get the
following message :
You have new mail.
tcsh: getwd: can't open ..
tcsh: Trying to start from "/hh/bcc/oz"

 Then, trying a couple of 'cd ..' s,
firat/home2/bcc/oz> cd ..
firat/home2/bcc> cd ..
firat/home2> cd ..
..: Permission denied.

  The problem also occurs for 'csh' and 'tcsh'. As a trivial attack to the
problem, I have checked and set permissions to 777 on both server and
client, unmount, re-mount etc.. Nothing changed. Next, I tried mounting
at a directory with a different name (since once upon a time, there was
another /home2) , not a solution.. Checked tcsh and csh if they were
modified, no..
  The problem does not occur on 10s of other clients which mount /home2.
Users happily login these machines.. There seems no obvious difference
between these clients..

  I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions..
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