Summary: Moving NIS master server

From: Stephen Harris (
Date: Fri Aug 04 1995 - 11:25:10 CDT

First attempt at a summary, sorry if it's useless...

   I wish to move my NIS+ master server from machine 'x' to machine 'y'
   (for various reasons too boring to go into), but I can't find in the
   AnswerBook how to do this. All systems both run Solaris 2.4.

   Any advice most welcome. If required, I'll summarise.

Lots of "me too" and advice received with thanks from: (Eugene Choi) (Sun Manager) (Steve Dickson)

  Hard, if not impossible. Suggestions included creating a replica server then
  decomissioning the old server, using nismkdir with the -m flag, and a
  reference to SRDB ID: 10448, which has a warning that it may not work for
  root servers.

The only answer with any detail (and it looks horrendous!) is the SRDB
reference, and this is where people should look for more information.

Full message answers available on request.


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