SUMMARY: Watchdog reset problem

From: Niall (
Date: Thu Aug 03 1995 - 11:02:59 CDT

The Question was:

One of my collegues has a problem with two SparcStation 20 machines
that go to watchdog every now and then. Both machines are configured
with a Serial Parallel Interface (SPIF)

We changed everything on one of the machines and still could not solve the
problem. The only part we did NOT change is the serial cables from the SPIF
paddle to the terminals.
The operating system was reloaded, memory changed, disk changed, cpu and
frame buffer, SPIF card and paddle and software. In fact we even swapped the
complete S/S20 without success.

We also suggeted to the customer to change the RS232 cable and not to route
the cables close to lights or power sources, but this suggestion was not
popular with the customer. The customer did disconnect 2 serial lines
and then the problem went away for about 5 months but now the dogs are barking

At present we have another SparcStaion 20 with the same problem in another part
of Africa.

Is there a problem with SparcStaion 20 machines been very sensitive to spikes
or noise from serial lines that could cause watchdog resets?

Thanks to those who answered my call for help G. Morgan) Gunn) (Rodney Green)
<Chris_Terry/> (Kevin Sheehan)

As we are using Solaris 2.3 I will try what Rodney Green suggested

if you are using Solaris 2.3 than all the recommended patches should be
fitted and the SPIF jumbo patch 101398-06 should also be installed.
If you are using Solaris 2.4 than recommened and SPIF jumbo 102121-02 patches
should be there.

The above patches and serial port guidlines have fixed any problems we have
had in this area.

If this doesnt work
then I will go with the overall opinion: loose the Spif Cards !!


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