SUMMARY: CD Jukebox recommendations

From: S. Cowles (scowles@pangolin.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Wed Aug 02 1995 - 20:39:53 CDT

orig: I am currently investigating the purchase of a CD rom writer/CD jukebox
orig: combination for large-scale nearline storage on the cheap. So far, if
orig: I understand the verbal descriptions correctly, 5 modular parts have
orig: been suggested to me to comprise a functional system:
orig: 1) CD rom double-speed writer (capable of incremental writes)
orig: 2) CD rom writer software
orig: 3) CD rom jukebox (Pioneer 6 disk model)
orig: 4) CD rom jukebox driver software
orig: 5) CD rom virtual directory software
orig: Does anyone have any experience with any of this type of equipment?
orig: Target host system in this case is a Sparc 10 or 20, running Solaris.

I get the strong impression that this is bleeding edge technology. I
got vendor recommendations, and one vendor package to supply the required

My local vendor (R-Squared) recommended the following:

Philips CDD522 CD-recorder
Pioneer DRM-624X CD-ROM changer
HyperROM by Tracer (1-800-TRACER-0, USA)
GEAR by Elektroson (1-610-617-0850?)

The recommendations I've seen so far from the list are below.



S. Cowles
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>From Wed Jul 26 18:59 PST 1995

Have you considered Epoch's packaged products in the area you
describe? I suspect they will have something that you don't have to
paste together yourself...


>From Wed Jul 26 14:25 PST 1995

You might want to look at YOung Minds, Inc. They handle all of these
elements. If fact, they write most of the software needed here.

Call Young Minds at 909-335-1350. They are very knowledgeable and


From: (Andrew Kemp)

I have a Pioneer 6 disk CDROM (DRM-602X) connected to my SS20-71
and all it took to connect up was adding 6 lines in the kernel
to describe each of the targets, followed by a kernel rebuild.
Each of the devices is a different logical unit number of the
CD player and you end up getting devices



>From Wed Jul 26 12:53 PST 1995

we have a Pioneer DRM-600 with software from Tracer Technologies
(301-977-1398). It works quite well. We use the automounter to allow
people to mount disks on their workstations on demand. I believe
Pioneer makes a newer model that is a bit faster.


From: (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})

[ Regarding "CD Jukebox recommendations", scowles@pangolin.Stanford.EDU writes on Jul 25: ]

I can help you with this to some degree. We don't have a plug and
play solution, but we do sell a generic driver used for CD, MO, scanner,
printer, toaster SCSI devices. It comes with a sample application for
driving an MO jukebox. Blurb enclosed at end.

> 5) CD rom virtual directory software

Uhhh, I can't say much here, as it is still in testing, but stay tuned!!

                l & h,

[Unfortunately, the enclosed blurb did not arrive.]

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