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Date: Thu Aug 03 1995 - 01:28:59 CDT

First of all my original query :

> First of all I should say this wasn't very clever of me and I feel very
> foolish !!
> I've just taken delivery of a shiny new Sparc20 server. I decided to use
> ttya as the console and changed the eeprom to :
> output-device=ttya
> input-device=ttya
> as rebooted. Low and behold no input or output on ttya and nothing when
> when I connect up a monitor and keyboard. Trouble is I also mucked around
> with the filesystem and I obviously got something wrong so I can't even
> telnet !!!
> Suggestions anyone, apart from finding myself a new career !

As Dave Gunn ( says :

> First of all, I suggest you make and test one change at a time--Don't change
> EEPROM settings and the filesystem without testing each one separately. ;-)

The problem breaks down into 2, eeprom and tty.

Here's Dave Haut ( answer to the eeprom problem :

> Don't worry. Power off your SS20. Hold down the stop and n keys and power
> the SS20 back on.
> This should reset your eeprom to its default values and you should be
> "good as new"

and Fred <> answer to the tty problem :

> Remember that you need a null modem cable, or a null modem adaptor,
> between your terminal and the SS20. Here in the colonies, we can get
> them at Radio Shack. Hopefully, you can get them just as easily over
> there.
> The terminal needs to be set at 9600, 8n1.
Checking the cable I had I discovered it was crossed, so changing it to
straight through meant I could log in and change the fs prob.

Thanks to all who answered : (David Gunn) (Ann Rautenbach 3267 Systems_Administrator) (Brett Lymn)
Adrian Cole/Computervision <Adrian_Cole/> (Dr. Micheal Albert)
Steve Lee <>
Bill Kearney <>
"Herbert 't Hoen" <>
Stephen P Richardson <>
Tim Wort <tim@Access.COM> (Dave Haut)
SysAdmin <>

My only excuse is that the heat has fried my brains !!!


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