SUMMARY : Solaris 2.4 and Motif

From: Niall O Broin x 3619 (
Date: Wed Aug 02 1995 - 08:54:28 CDT

My original question was

What exactly is the position with 2.4 and Motif support ? I have two different
reports which are

1) The window manager is included with the base OS in SUNWmfwm but if you need
to use any of the libraries i.e. to run a Motif application, you must install
them fron the SDK CD but no license is needed for this - only for development.

2) The runtime libraries are included with the base OS and the window manager
is separately purchased. (whether from the SDK or not, I don't know)

A large number of responses confirmed that 2) is correct - the libraries are
in SUNWmfrun on the OS CD and live in /usr/dt when installed and MWM is indeed
included with the SDK.

Kindest regards and thanks to the numerous people who replied,

Niall O Broin

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