SUMMARY Re: pcnfs printing through Solaris 2.4 server?

From: Mike Kopp (
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 08:02:22 CDT

I posted a message about a problem I was having with printing on Solaris
2.4. In the time since the post I have found the problem. The printer is
connected to a Milan ethernet print server but you set it up like it was a
local printer and the filter sends the data out to the printer. In
Solaris 2.4 you need to specify the device for a local printer. In this
case the device is really not needed but one must be specified. The docs
for the Milan used /dev/null so I did as well. The print manager then
chnaged the permisions on /dev/null which messed up many thing for
non-root users. I simply changed the device for the printer to a dummy
file and fixed the permisiions on /dev/null and all is well.

Mike Kopp

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