SUMMARY: Error using pkgadd...

From: Raymond Bero (
Date: Mon Jul 31 1995 - 13:34:31 CDT

        My original posting...

> This should be a simple thing to do, but I must be missing
> something. I have recently acquired the HP JetDirect software from HP's
> ftp server for my Sparc1000 running Solaris 2.3. The README that I got
> with the package says....
> This version of Hewlett-Packard's JetAdmin Utility for UNIX is installed
> using the pkgadd program that comes with Solaris.
> ...
> 3) Copy the updated software file to the /tmp directory.
> 4) At the command line type "pkgadd -d <filename> all".
> ...
> So I did #3. Now when I try the pkgadd command in step #4 I get the
> following error...
> pkgadd: ERROR: attempt to process datastream failed
> - bad format in datastream table-of-contents
> pkgadd: ERROR: could not process datastream from </d6/tmp/HPNP>

The solution was simple like I thought. I had transfered the file using
Netscape. Netscape decided it should transfer it in ascii mode. But alas,
it needs to be transfered in binary mode. Once I did this everything
worked just fine. A big thanks goes to Steve Bloom for this bit of
insight. Many thanks to all those who also replied so quickly.


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