SUMMARY: Systems start disk thrashing

Date: Sun Jul 30 1995 - 06:26:25 CDT

Hi All,

Part of original question (24th June..)
> The problem is after about six days the systems
> slow down to the point of being unusable. When caught
> just before they became totally unusable vmstat
> showed they were paging heavily and you can hear constant
> disk activity.

I originally received a few responses indicating a leak in
volume-managment, patch 101907-05, or possibly named, patch
102479-01. With both of these applied we still had the problem.
Some people had suggested using top to spot the errant process,
there wasn't one. Using crash we spotted a kernel
leak but couldn't understand why our test configurations
worked fine while the delivered systems fell over :-(
Finally we clicked that in the delivered system one piece
of the system was missing and therefore trying to open a
socket to it would fail. Our application would close the
socket on failure and attempt an open/connect again. A piece of
test code proved the point, open/connect/close had a leak.
Sun have provided a patch, 101945-33(not yet official) that
appears to have nailed this one.

Thanks to the following for their replies:-
Tim Wort <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (John K. Mickelson)
Andreas Stoll <> (John Malick) (Michael J. Shon {*Prof Services} Sun Rochester
David Ellis <>
Jerry Lugert <> (Per Akesson)


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