SUMMARY: sharing different dirs on the same fs

From: Andrej Misik (
Date: Sun Jul 30 1995 - 02:06:47 CDT


My original question:

> OS: Solaris 2.3, all relevant patches applied.
> I'm wondering how can I share two or more different directories
> on the same filesystem. E.g. I like to do something like:
> share -F nfs -o rw=client1 /opt
> share -F nfs -o ro=client2 /opt/idl
> But when I issue the second share, I get:
>nfs share: /opt/idl: parent-directory (/opt) already shared
> or when I issue these two shares in reverse order, I get:
>nfs share: /opt: sub-directory (/opt/idl) already shared
> share(1M) and share_nfs(1M) say nothing about it. I have no problems
> doing this thing using /etc/exports under Ultrix 4.4.
> Where can be a problem or what am I missing?

        Well, the result is that I can't do this in any way, although
        I can do "share /opt/dir1" and "share /opt/dir2" without any problems
        (of course dir1 and dir2 are subdirs of /opt which is the root
        of this fs).
        The existing solution is as was afraid of and which I already knew:

        share -F nfs -o rw=client1,ro=client2 /opt

        and on client2 mount server:/opt/idl.

        Many people missed the point because this is not I wanted.
        I want to share only needed resources and not to let clients mount
        dirs which they not need.

        Another soulution is to explicitly share each sub-directory
        component :-(((

        My real situation is: /usr/local (on Sol2.3 server) is shared by all
        Solaris 2.3 clients. I want to create /usr/local/share subdir which
        will contain platform independent data (like TeX fonts etc.) and
        will be shared not only by all Solaris clients, but also by Ultrix,
        Linux etc. Unfortunately, if I want to have whole /usr/local on Solaris
        machine, my only choice is to share /usr/local for every client.
        Hmm, I will better put /usr/local/share to Ultrix box,
        it has no problem with exporting subdirs of exported dir.
        Great thanks for their comments and suggestions go to:

Todd Michael Kennedy <> (Russ Poffenberger) (Amy Hollander) (Brian White) (David Gunn) (Debbie Jordan) (Elaine Mele)
bobr@cassie.Sugar-land.Wireline.SLB.COM ( Bob Reardon )
Casper Dik <casper@Holland.Sun.COM>
Matthew Stier - Imonics System <>

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