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Date: Fri Jul 28 1995 - 05:54:01 CDT


          Firstly, my apologies for taking so long to post a summary on
the subject .... I've been quite busy as Unix and SUN stations are
absolutely new things for me .... figure it out :-(( Well, the problem
related in my original posting bellow turned out to be a misconfigured
reverse named file. I found it out while dealing with some other DNS
complaints (specifically, my DNS server host, which is also the client,
couldn't be located due to the same reasons and all my DNS requests were
being carried on by external servers). It took so long for me to get to
this conclusion because things were working, despite an error or warning
message here and there. Thanks for those who offered help. I hope I'll
eventually get into a point from where I can retribute :-)))) The
postings thread follows ... Thanks again and best regards you all .....
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 95 10:59:07 BD3
Subject: sendmail hints requested ...
          I have this feeling that the following question is an easy one
for you Sun-Managers experts ... so, here it goes. We run a SUN SPARC
5, Solaris 2.3 workstation, configured as standalone, with NIS+. The
problem: sendmail keeps issuing "gethostbyaddr() failed" messages
whenever a mail is sent out, both locally and to outside world. Despite
the message, the outgoing mail goes thru. Any hints on getting rid of
that message? Any sugestions / guesses on why is this happening? Thanks
in advance and best regards ....
From: <> (Jim White)
Subject: Re: sendmail hints requested ...
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 08:29:31 -0400 (EDT)

It is so easy, you will find it in the FAQ, which states that it is a
bug, but harmless. Try your darndest to ignore it.
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 95 08:03:33 PDT
From: <admin@maryanne.UCSD.EDU> (System Administrator)

It's an NIS+ namespace thing. See, your NIS+ tables for hosts is
stored in hosts.org_dir.NIS+_DOMAIN_NAME. Suppose for instance that
you have the entry "" in It will not be found by gethostbyname or
gethostbyaddr, since it assumes the domain to be, even
though the true domain is!
The reason sendmail still works is because, after NIS+ table lookups
fail, it uses the /etc files. It must successfully find the host
entry in those files.
Do an 'niscat' on your hosts.org_dir file to see if your entry is
incorrect. You may need to rebuild your NIS+ tables to rid yourself
of these errors....
M. Marlow
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 95 12:26:37 EST
From: <> (Guido Elwin P Silva Jr)

Ola' Marcos
E' bom ver brasileiros na lista de discussao de sun-managers ...

... Well, my Brazilian friend answered privately using our native
    language :-) Basically, what he suggests is to play around
    with nsswitch.conf in order to be sure about the culprit
    (NIS+, NIS, files, ...).

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