SUMMARY: ghostview problem in Mosaic

From: CAE admin account (
Date: Fri Jul 28 1995 - 05:07:06 CDT

Well Many thanks to the folks out their!

I recieved many notes on what to do.
The main responce was to get "ghostview" and "ghostscript"
installed and added to the path. Ther are many places to down
load this from:
I was hoping to find a compiled version, but it compiled ok.
I did have to use gcc however, the cc compiler had problems.

I also tried the addition of .mailcap with the following format:

# This maps all types of audio data (audio/basic, audio/x-aiff,
# etc.) to the viewer 'showaudio'. Note that '%s' means 'put the
# datafile name here when the viewer is executed'.
audio/*; showaudio %s

# This maps all types of images (image/gif, image/jpeg, etc.)
# to the viewer 'xv'.
image/*; xv %s

# This maps MPEG video data to the viewer 'mpeg_play'.
video/mpeg; mpeg_play %s

# This maps all types of video *other than MPEG* to the viewer
# 'genericmovie'.
video/*; genericmovie %s

application/postscript; pageview %s
application/x-dvi; xdvi %s

This also worked.

Thanks to:

Jeff Mayzurk
James Ashton
Kevin Sheehan
Dirk Hoops
Ralph Bolton
Tony Lawson
Christopher L. Werner
Kurt Stype : this is his .mailcap file above
Mike Albert
scott hollatz
Marcus Filipsson
Elaine Mele
Debbie Jordan
Rick Dempster
Mark Hargrave
Scott MacDonald
Terry Snyder
Michael K. Glass
Andy Feldt
Met Cirit


Paul Margozzi

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