MORE SUMMARY: dump exclusions

Date: Thu Jul 27 1995 - 22:24:10 CDT

I guess there must be quite a few of you out there who are only
reading the summaries. My summary generated about five times the
number of responses as my original query. Hmmmmm.

All suggestions (save one) involved ways of supplying specific
filenames to the dump command. A couple years ago I learned the
hard way that that doesn't work. When a filename is supplied to
the dump command, it then ignores the supplied level as well as the
u option. The level is automatically zero and the /etc/dumpdates
file is not updated. Since I run incrementals each of these
shortcomings make it a non-option for me.

The one exception suggested rearranging the file systems. Avoiding
that action was the reason for the original query. But it appears
that that may be the only way.

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