SUMMARY: dump exclusions

Date: Wed Jul 26 1995 - 06:06:04 CDT

Original question:

> Using dump (or a variation) to perform incremental dumps, how can I
> exclude one or two files or directories from the dump? Within a "meta
> filesystem" created with Sun Online Disk Suite, I have a couple very
> large directories that change constantly. There is no reason to backup
> these directories. However, there are several smaller files and
> directories that must be backed up.

Just one response unfortunately. I also asked some Unix instructors
and the short answer is that there is no practical way to do this. provided the following suggestion, but I don't plan to
try it out since the files affected number in the thousands. But thanks
just the same, gerhard, I'll remember it in case the problem becomes
more objectionable.

> A pretty nasty, but probably workable, solution is to change the adte of
> the files you do not want to be dumped to something before the last 0dump
> (1 jan 1970 orso).
> If you don't care about the file dates, than you're finished.

> If not you'll have to log the original dates somewhere, and set them back.

> This shouldn't bew too hard using perl or some C-program

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