SUMMARY: mailtool defaults

Date: Wed Jul 26 1995 - 04:38:47 CDT

Sorry for the delay in posting summary. It seems problems on our
corporate gateway caused me to be unsubscribed for a while. That
combined with my normal procrastination, I should say.

Original question:

Can mailtool defaults be set such that when Editing Properties the
property sheet comes up on Aliases rather than on Header Window?

Answer: Apparently no. I had a couple suggestions that seemed
promising, but when tried, the settings were remembered only as long as
that session continued. Quitting mailtool caused all settings to be
forgotten. Since I log off nightly, that was no solution for me.

The property sheet stays on the setting last used for the duration of a
session, so if one does not log out frequently, they should find it
adequate to only have to change the property sheet once per session.

One suggestion that I did not try was that there may be a way to use one
of the four customizable buttons. But since I already have mine set to
functions I utilize more than the alias sheet, that was not an option
for me.

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