SUMMARY - installing 2.4 on 670MP

From: Mr S J Elliott (
Date: Fri Jul 21 1995 - 20:07:48 CDT

A couple of days ago I described a problem we were having
with a 670MP where the Solaris 2.4 installation stopped
after the message
system identification is complete

I got quite a few replies, thank you to the following people:
Jack Reiner
Katrina Simpson
John Bollard
Stuart McRobert
Jeremy Hunt
David Lee
Mike Salehi
David N. Edwards
Amy Hollander

Some made suggestions, some wanted to know the outcome as they
were about to do the same thing.
After 2 days spent talking to engineers on the hotline, Sun sent
us an engineer. He noticed on boot-up a message
disk isn't unique
in the nvram aliases there were two entries for disk. These had been
set up by another Sun engineer while he was upgrading the system.
Soaris 2.3 and previous versions had been quite happy with this, but
apparently 2.4 didn't like it. We somehow managed to remove the alias
and 2.4 installed fine.

The one question that leaves me with is this: if there is a command
devalias in the PROM, where is there no command devunalias?


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