Solaris vs. NT SUMMARY

From: Henry Katz (
Date: Fri Jul 21 1995 - 16:47:52 CDT

Fellow sun glitterati:

On 9 Jun I posed the question whether there are any means to simulate
automount behavior on a NT client running 3.5.X mounting a Solaris file server.
There was mild interest from the following but only one possible lead:

The lead was "use samba" to be found at :

I haven't checked it out but this seems big down under.

However, I've had a chance to check out two NT NFS products and can make
the following comments about them (B&W NFS, Intergraph's NT NFS):

- Neither work with an NIS+ server running with NIS compatibility;
  the snoop for B&W shows the ypfirst RPC succeeds but the next ypnext
  fails, although nisplus clients use ypall, it is possible to write a
  small program that uses yp_first() and yp_next() on solaris and get this
  to work.

- B&W NFS has a tendency to drop a portion of the visible exports list
  from remote fileservers so that NT's file manager will not see the remote
  server although a manual nfs link does succeed. This is akin to showmount
  -e dropping of the last few entries, in midsentence.

- B&W NFS, according to technical support, performs hard
  mounts on all mounts and is not user configurable.

So judge for yourself if you need to connect NT and Solaris whether you want
these products.

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