SUMMARY: Solaris 2.4 3/95 or 11/94

From: Bill Holzapfel (
Date: Fri Jul 21 1995 - 11:57:18 CDT

My original posting:

>Does anybody know how to tell what "month" of
>Solaris 2.4 might been loaded on a system ?

I apologize, due to the shortness of my question, some
misunderstood. I was looking for a command to run on an
already installed system to prove that either 3/95 or
11/94 was installed. Sun said there was none, so I decided to ask
the experts. You all said the same thing, but gave me a couple
ways to check. Thanks to all who responded. See below
for the answers.

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From: Casper Dik <casper@Holland.Sun.COM>
        There is no such way. The difference between 11/94 and 3/95 is only in the
        SSA drivers. So if you know which SSA packages come with 3/95 you can
        check the pkginfo files as they exist on your system.
From: (Dan Transue)
        Look for the command ssaadm in /usr/sbin. If it is there, then you are
        running Solaris 2.4 H/W 3/95. Otherwise, it is the 11/94 version.
From: (Jeremy Hunt - Optimation)
        showrev is the command to use, kernel version is the parameter to inspect.
        just type in showrev
        on my system I see:
        bash$ showrev
        Hostname: arachnoid
        Hostid: 80722134
        Release: 5.4
        Kernel architecture: sun4m
        Application architecture: sparc
        Hardware provider: Sun_Microsystems
        Kernel version: SunOS 5.4 Generic 101945-23 February 1995
        given the options you have, which are march 95 or november 94, I would pick
        march 95 as the installed version.
From: (Rob Allan)
        If there isn't an easy way, you may be able to tell by the patch versions.
        I think the patch cluster for 3/95 has higher versions of some.
From: Steve Bloom <>
        Wow, do I feel smart! I just joined this group and already I've found a
        question I can answer. Here it is:
        Check the cd or disk from which Solaris was loaded. I looked at old
        copies of Solaris 2.3, and the disk had 5/94 right smack printed on there.
        Hope this helps,
        the cd itself or the box it came in will tell you its date of build.
From: (Ray Trzaska)
        it's not the month of installation, but the month
        of the cd being installed from's manufacture.
        th cd eill have on the front of it
        Hardware: 11/94
        Hardware: 3/95
        the 3/95 version will probably have a directory /usr/lib/firmware
        and will have references to pln drivers in something in /kernel/drv/???
        the 11/94 version won't have the above, and if a storage array is used
        will have a directory of /opt/SUNWssa/lib/??

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