SUMMARY: SunLink X.25 V8 in SS5

From: Gregory Bond (
Date: Thu Jul 20 1995 - 22:13:09 CDT

> Testing with syncloop shows that local testing works, but neither loopback
> testing with a loopback plug nor tests with the local modem in local-loop-test
> work. syncloop reports no characters read, even tho a line tester clearly
> shows characters flowing both directions.

All together now: "Get The Patches".

In typical Sun fashion, you buy an OS and a product from them, and one won't
work with the other unless you get _three_ patches, none of which are
mentioned in any of the documents.....

Patch-ID# 101945-27
Synopsis: SunOS 5.4: jumbo patch for kernel

Patch-ID# 102062-03
Synopsis: SunOS 5.4: fixes for zs, zsh, cgsix drivers

Patch-ID# 102256-04
Synopsis: SunLink X25 8.0.2: Jumbo Patch

> We are running a console on ttya and X25 on ttyb. Is this supported on an
> SS5?

Yes, it is supported and does work.

Thanks to all.


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