Summary : FYI : .......EMAIL LOST

From: Pamela S. Pledger (pamela@jupiter.Legato.COM)
Date: Thu Jul 20 1995 - 13:22:10 CDT

Hi Sun Managers,

        The oddest thing fell into my lap this morning. It seems
that /var became full on my solaris 2.4 mailhost. Even though
/var/mail is a seperate partition, mail started bouncing. That isn't
even the wierdest part. The wierdest part is that it only bounced
for people that had .forward files in their home directories. If
those people ran a cron that sent mail to themselves as part of an
alias, or by name, it failed. How it effected outgoing mail, is beyond
me. Sendmail sent them ( the people with the .forward files )
and error that it didn't recognize the aliases.
        Anyway, I think it is fixed. I cleared out /var and
restarted sendmail.
        Just thought that I would share.........
        I don't know this could be sendmail or it could be /bin/mail.
        ( I still haven't installed bsd sendmail v8, but have all the
/bin/mail and sendmail patches for solaris 2.4 installed. )
        Has anyone else had this problem?? I can't find a bug on it
in sunsolve. It's pretty scary. Heck, /var could fill up anytime......

Pamela Pledger
Unix System Administration
Legato Systems, Inc

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