SUMMARY: Mounting A Solaris 2.4 Partition from a SUN OS 4.X Machine

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Date: Wed Jul 19 1995 - 09:05:35 CDT

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A user is on a Sparc 5 running Sun OS 4.1.3_UI. ( Box name is SanJuan ) It
wishes, in its infinite usertude, to latch onto our only resident Solaris
2.4 Box ( a Sparc 2 named Roosevelt ) partition. This Partition is a
hypernifty ProDev Evaluation partition, with a 30 day license.
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The big question remains -- how do older systems mount younger
systems? as in this case


The Solaris Box needs to do the equivalent of an export of 4.X kind. In
solaris, this is done using the /etc/dfs/dfstab file instead of /etc/exports.
editing the file to include the solaris partition in question was pretty
straight forward. Info is available in man pages for dfstab, share, and
share_nfs. This means that when you boot, the partition comes up shareable.

Another way of doing it for a short spell that does not involve persistence
thru reboot is 3 steps for the SOlaris Box:
1. share -F nfs /mydamnfiles

2. /usr/lib/nfs/nfsd 16

3. /usr/lib/nfs/mountd

And one step on the Sparc 5


The RPC Error "Program not Registered" encountered here before all this
occurred is due to the system saying "RPC error is equivalent to "its not being
shared - nana nana na na." ( thanks steve! )

Many Thanks expressed to those who did answer:

Can't Wait for Solaris 2.5 Certification in October!
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humor and imagination as payback for a kind answer may not appear here. Flame
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