Summary: How to read VMS Dump Tapes on a Sun 3/180??

From: Daniel_V._D'
Date: Tue Jul 18 1995 - 20:32:58 CDT

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< Stuff deleted to please the natives>
I have been asked to find a way to read in an archive of VMS tapes on a Sun
3/180 ( our only box with a nine track tape drive ) and pump the blob to a
Sparc20 Server. The VMS Dumps contain corporate archives and must be
<Stuff deleted to please the natives>


Reccomendations for tcopy came thick and heavy. Some votes for structures made
of DD came thru. What I was really looking for was the program named
vmsbackup. Some of you emailed the whole thing here, which was one great help
( no ftp or archie available from this desk ).

vmsbackup' by anonymous ftp from

>From DD set I have: dd if=/dev/rmt/0mbn of=/tmp/x ibs=8192 obs=8192

Now this solution may evolve into a SCSI tape drive for our SPARC 20. From
all your confidence in the product, it looks like vmsbackup will pull us thru.

Many thanks to those that answered:
From: (Perry Hutchison)
From: John Rosenberg <>
From: James Guyton <>
From: Ian MacPhedran <>
From: (Edward R. Powell)
From: (John Louie)
From: (S. Cowles)
From: John Valdes <>
From: (Eric Myers)
From: (Jerry Weber CIC-2)
From: (Michael Ringbauer)
From: Simon-Bernard Drolet <>
From: Heas <>
From: (Brett Newton-Palmer(Sun Admin))
From: (Stefan Rauthenberg)
From: (Mumford)
From: Mr T Crummey (DIJ) <>
From: Peg Heffron <>
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