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The situation is :
We have a family of users on SPARCS 2, 5,. 10 and 20. The topolgy is set up so
that a user on their home machine may log into any other machine and have their
home directory snugged up with them. Most users only work on thier home
box until testing - then they come on over to the test lab.
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End problem -- Users want to be able to log in quicker.


I abandoned the idea of shooting the users. They pay me to get rid of their

One solution involved using the noquotas on NFS Mounts. under Solaris 1.
  I did not try it, but it sounded simple to implement.

Another pointed to the mailspool. "Christopher A. Stewart" <>

"Assuming you are using a mailhost with the mail spool mounted on all machines,
try puting an unset mail in the .cshrc and see if that corrected the problem"

Another flock of solutions involved reducing the number of times the path is
set in the .cshrc. Still another involved making sure all workstations were in
/etc/hosts to speed the name resolution process.

I did not have time to implement these solutions. We are in constant flux
here. What happened was that the user was asked to reduce the length of their
path, as you should not have a path which includes machines on opposite sides
of the country and still expect good performance. They did, perf improved.

Many thanks to those who answered!
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