SUMMARY: /bin/mail

From: Tim Bradshaw (
Date: Mon Jul 17 1995 - 13:10:41 CDT

The problem was that under Solaris 2.x /bin/mail fails to quote
`From ', and since sendmail uses it to write local mail this can cause
trouble with mailers which don't understand content-length, and is in
general a bad thing.

There were two solutions: replace /bin/mail, and make sendmail do the

Rich Schultz <> said:

Get mail.local from and use that instead of /bin/mail for local

 Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child} <>,
 Brett Lymn <> told me to use the `E' flag in the
 mailer definition in

 Mlocal, P=/bin/mail, F=flsSDFMmnPE, S=10, R=20, A=mail -d $u

for instance. Casper Dik <> pointed out that
this is in the Solaris FAQ...



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