SUMMARY:Solaris 2.4 and HP JetAdmin Utility Setup Problem.

From: Ying-Meei Chew (
Date: Fri Jul 14 1995 - 05:46:02 CDT

Hello again,

        Thanks to the following people who sent help and made suggestions
which helped me resolve my problem.

Anthony Clarke <>
ralph_b@oldham.gpsemi.COM (Johnie Stafford) (Andrew Mellanby)


        1. You must have HP JetAdmin Version C.02.33 to run on a Solaris 2.4
           systems. An upgrade is available through ftp from the following

        2. Install patch 101945-23 on the Sun system.

        3. Check permissions on the following files. They must all be world
            a. /var/spool/lp/logs/*
            b. /var/spool/lp/log
            c. /devices/pseudo/mmm@null

I did all the above and it's working like a charm now. Thanks again to the
people who all have been a great help and saved me alot of
headache and time.

Ying-Meei Chew
Network Administrator
Altera Corporation

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