SUMMARY: PPP on Solaris 2.4

From: Walid Abdelnour (walid@sar3.CANR.Hydro.Qc.CA)
Date: Wed Jul 12 1995 - 12:31:05 CDT

I have received 6 answers to my request:

1 me too from
1 rtfm from (Anatoly M. Lisovsky)

4 suggestions from: (Boiko Dimtchev) (Rahul Roy) (Brian White)
     Ted Rodriguez-Bell <ted@ssl.Berkeley.Edu>

>Boiko Dimtchev suggested to use NIS+ in YP-compatible mode : rpc.nisd -Y -B

   well I was using NIS+ in the compatible mode so that was not the solution.

>Rahul Roy suggested to use ifconfig in this way:
>ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb ppp-gateway ppplocal mtu 1500 up
>and suggested to rtfm.

   Actually in Answerbook TCP/IP Network Administration Guide chapter 11 (!!)
   titled: Tailoring your PPP link , Page 166, the configuration for dynamically
   allocated link is as I used it. but it seems it does not work because my
   solution was to put the interface in "UP" mode:
    ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb ppp-server up
   and to add to the path section of :
      ipcp_async_map 0
   used to mask control characters. the default was 0xffffffff
   with this config. I was able to use netscape,etc.... but I still
   have problems with ws_ftp ???
   any suggestions to what mask I should use ?

>Brian white suggested to check my routing table..
>and Ted Rodriguez suggested to use arp to advertise that my server should
>receive packets meant for ppp-client

    The routing table was ok.
     I was using : arp -s ppp-client ethernet-address-of-ppp-server pub
     Sorry I failed to mentioned it in my question.

thanks to all hwo answered ...

My original question:
I have a problem running PPP link on Solaris 2.4. In order to link up
our PC users via the trumpet winsock-ppp, I had to configure and fire up PPP
daemon on our server.
I followed the instruction in the manual for a Dial-in server With Dynamic
Point-to-point links setup. Everything went without a problem. My
file is :

ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb ppp-server down
        inactivity_timeout 9000
        interface ipdptp0
        peer_system_name pppusr
        debug_level 9
        peer_ip_address ppp-client

My etc/gateways :

norip ipdptp0

my ppp-server and ppp-client have ip numbers on the same subnet : ppp-server ppp-client

I can see in the log file on my server that the link is established, but the
problem is when an application on PC ( ws-ftp for example) wants to
communicate, the paket never get routed outside the server???
my asppp.log file looks like this:
16:11:19 000251 ipdptp0 RECEIVE PPP ASYNC 21 Octets NB IP_NCP Config-ACK ID=2d LEN=16 VJCOMP MAXSID=15 Sid-comp-OK IPADDR=
16:11:20 start_ip: IP up on interface ipdptp0, timeout set for 9000 seconds
16:11:20 000252 ipdptp0 RECEIVE PPP ASYNC 21 Octets NB IP_NCP Config-Req
16:11:20 000253 ipdptp0 RECEIVESEND
16:11:20 000254 ipdptp0 RECEIVEVJCOMP MAXSID=15 Sid-comp-OK IPADDR=
16:11:59 000255 ipdptp0 RECEIVE PPP ASYNC 49 Octets NB IP_PROTO 45 00 00 2c 00 10 00 00 3c 06 ae 72 83 c3 64 97 83 c3 64 2c .....
16:12:04 000256 ipdptp0 RECEIVE PPP ASYNC 49 Octets NB IP_PROTO 45 00 00 2c 00 11 00 00 3c 06 ae 71 83 c3 64 97 83 c3 64 2c .....
16:12:14 000257 ipdptp0 RECEIVE PPP ASYNC 49 Octets NB IP_PROTO 45 00 00 2c 00 2 00 00 3c 06 ae 70 83 c3 64 97 83 c3 64 2c .....

and then nothing...

Ps : I am running NIS+... and when i follow the cookbook PPP instructions (in a
previous SUMMARY ) NIS+ stop working. So I followed the FM.

Any suggestions on what am I doing wrong...


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